Projects – Resource Consents

Incite offers targeted resource management services, including policy development, policy analysis, resource consenting and designations. We also perform a critical role within teams, alongside other organisations and firms, participating in large project work either in a lead role or as a team member depending on a particular client’s needs.

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Resource Consent Processing – Roydon Quarry

In 2019, Incite led the processing of a complex resource consent application for Environment Canterbury for a quarry in Templeton, Christchurch. This involved providing pre-application advice, managing technical inputs required, auditing information, attendance at hearing and planning caucusing and providing regular updates to Environment Canterbury on progress. The application was publicly notified and attracted a large amount of community interest. A total of 454 submissions were received and the key issues from a regional council perspective were effects on air quality and groundwater quality which formed the focus of our advice and reporting.  Incite are currently assisting Environment Canterbury with appeals on the decision.

Resource Consent Application Preparation – Hurunui Splash

Incite assisted with the preparation of regional resource consent applications to establish and maintain new freshwater bathing sites within four rivers in the Hurunui-Waiau Zone; Dog Stream, Hurunui River, Waiau Uwha River and the Waitohi River. More about the development of the Hurunui River site can be read here: Hurunui Splash: Better swim sites for residents and tourists and here: New swimming holes to be created in the Hurunui district this summer.

The activities contribute to the wider “Hurunui Splash” project, which is a collaborative effort by the Hurunui Waiau Zone Committee, Environment Canterbury and Hurunui District Council to improve priority bathing sites and enhance recreational values within the Hurunui District.

Resource Consent Application - BP Mosgiel

Incite led the resource consent application process for the redevelopment and expansion (including a carwash) of the BP service station in Mosgiel that was processed on a limited notified basis to 10 adjoining property owners and tenants. Concerns raised in submissions related to noise, traffic, hours of operation, signage, lighting and the appropriateness of the site in a residential zone.  Incite presented planning evidence at the hearing and recommended a number of compromises to mitigate submitters’ concerns, including changes to the car wash signage, fencing, relocation of the pylon sign and a reduction in its height, changes to the site lighting output after 10pm and additional landscaping.  The application was granted by Dunedin City Council subject to a number of conditions, and the 24 hour operation was approved.  Following construction of the new service station, an article was published in the Otago Daily Times where two immediately adjoining neighbours stated how happy they were with the fencing which blocked all noise from the carwash and they regretted not asking for a gate in the fence so it took less time to get to the café for a coffee!

Resource Consent Application - Selwyn District Council Projects

Incite has worked for a number of years with Selwyn District Council, particularly the project management team. This has included obtaining resource consents and/or designations for the redevelopment of the Tai Tapu and West Melton Community Centres and expansion of the Kirwee Reserve. Incite has also been involved in several projects related to Foster Park in Rolleston, including amendments to the designation to allow for the expansion of the Selwyn Aquatic Centre, a new sports stadium, relocation of the rugby clubrooms and a stormwater consent for parking areas. Incite is currently leading the designation process for a new recreation reserve for Prebbleton, including consultation and preparation of the notice of requirement, and provided expert planning evidence at the hearing.